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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - MADE IN AMERICA ! 
Sys 4x4  Laser Cube - High Accuracy - High Power 

For Laser Cutting 2D Flat Parts - Shapes and Tubes.            Great Price !    

Small Parts Made Easy - Linear Motor Fiber Laser Cutting​    $288,000 4 KW 

IPG Autopilot Load-Unload

FLOOR SPACE - IPG Laser Cube takes up less than 75 square feet of floor space. 4 Laser Cube machines will fit in same space as 1 - 5 x 10 laser. 

Who is IPG?  Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

IPG Fiber Laser Machines Call:                                     

Southern California :  714-855-4235

Northern California :   408-899-5200

Arizona and Nevada : 714-855-4235

​​Designed around a Granite Base

Many laser fiber machines on the market today are adapted Co2 lasers. The Laser Cube is built around a granite base, for high accuracy parts with CMM precision. The granite base is thermally stable, the linear drives very accurate - .0002 repeatability Fiber processing is ideal for thin parts, as well as copper and brass. A built In pull out table system allows easy exchange  of parts.

Granite Base

Linear Motor Drive System

IPG resonators are world famous and Made in America

IPG resonators are used by Mitsubishi, Mazak, Salvagninni, Cincinatti, Prima, Hankwang, and many others . IPG designed and builds the Laser Cube to match the performance of the IPG Fiber Resonator - using high accuracy linear motor drives. Single source supply and service is starndard on the Laser Cube - including Fiber Resonator, Linear Motion System, and Controller. all from IPG....


500 W THRU 6000 W +

All IPG Laser Cube models include linear drive system - auto focus - pull out table - no ballsrew or rack drives

Ipg LASER cUBE IS A LINEAR MOTOR, HIGH ACCURACY - positioning to .001 - repeatability .0002 -  fiber LASER MACHINE DESIGNED TO lASER CUT SMALL PARTS - available powers are 500 watts to 6000 watts +               Why pay more to make small parts ?