Floor Space is expensive. Laser Cube can turn non production areas into producing areas. Small floorprint allow flexible shop position opportunities

IPG LASER CUBE - Made in America !

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100 inches deep 


​The IPG Fiber Chiller is made by IPG Photonics specifically for Fiber Resonator chilling. Not an adapted model the IPG Fiber Chiller is perfect for the Laser Cube and ships with the machine in its own crate. 


The IPG Laser Cube uses IPG resonators. These range from the QCW450/4500 to 6000 Watts +. Special configurations are available if welding or other processes are needed. Some models are upgradeable in power. 1000 watt YLS models and higher are covered by a 3 year warranty with no hour limit, smaller YLR models 2 year warranty


Rated up to 10 KW the IPG Fiber Laser Cutting head is matiched to the IPG resonator that is chosen. Different set ups are available for fiber diameter - collimation length - focal length according to application.

Motorized Lens - Standard - Allows automatic adjustment of focus, easy set up

Protective Window - Standard - Window under the lens protects the focus lens

Nozzles - Standard nozzles thru 3 MM are available. Compatible with Precitec nozzles

Capacitance Nozzle - Standard capacitance nozzle system maintains focal distance automatically

Panels can be removed within seconds to allow easy cleaning and maintenance inside the IPG Laser Cube​​

88 inches wide

​The Cutting Table on the Laser Cube pulls completely out of the work envelope for easy part checking and sheet loading