The IPG Laser Cube Auto Load Unload System automates the loading and unloading of sheets into the Laser Cube, allowing automatic operation.  Why use a 60 inch  x 120 inch machine to make 6 inch x 6 inch  and smaller parts ? A big format machine needs a pallet changer because full size sheets are impossible to load manually. The price paid is the size of the machine and loader grow to 20 ft x 40 feet or 800 square feet - 115,200 square inches of space devoted to making - often times - a 4 in x 4 in part or 16 square inch part  or smaller.  Many times when running full size sheets the machine will make  a final cut on the sheet to split it up into smaller man handable segments - which also makes the skeleton easier for a human being to handle. With the Laser Cube Auto Loader this is reversed. Blanks are sheared by the steel supplier for a nominal fee - or by the unused shear sitting in the corner of the shop - and loaded into the Laser Cube loader.  The System can be put into a corner of the shop greatly increasing production per square feet of space .  The system does not affect manual operation of the machine which is done from the front of the machine. Run the machine one shift on manually loaded jobs and automatically on 2nd and 3rd shift. 

Manual Operation Front of Machine

IPG AUTO PILOT - Auto Load-Unload

Auto Load and Unload System for IPG Laser Cube

Raw Material Capacity - 8 inches of Material

Largest Sheet - 48 inch x 48 inch

Maximum Thickness - .250 standard

Load Unload Cycle Time - 75 seconds

Vacuum Load - Clamshell Forks Unload

Flloor Space - 20 FT x 20 FT - 400 Square Feet

Retrofittable to Existing Laser Cube Models

Use Pre Sheared Blanks for Easy Handling

Operates out back of machine

All Specifications Subject to Change

Manual Operation Front of Machine 

Auto Load and Unload Works From Back of Machine