IPG Laser Cube, Made in America, comes fully crated and wrapped in Mylar before leaving the Factory in New Hampshire. A shock meter monitors the journey to assure no rough handling has occurred. Small floor space requirements, under 8 ft x 9 ft, allow placement in a variety of locations, including formally unused floor space. 4 IPG Laser Cube machines will fit within the space taken by a 5 x 10 machine with pallet changer. 

1500 W - 26 SEC

2000 W - 18 SEC

2500 W - 14 SEC

​3000 W - 11 SEC








​​Why IPG Laser Cube ? Lowest cost per watt of any Fiber - Linear Motor​ machine on the market. Why pay more to make small parts ? Cost as low as $75 a watt for 4000 watt Laser Cube. Many people are interested in Fiber technology because of lower electrical use (1/3rd), no maintenance, and easy of operation. But up until now Fiber Laser = Really expensive laser. Not so with IPG Laser Cube. Since you are buying the IPG Resonator, and the IPG Machine, from IPG there is no mark up on the resonator - so IPG can offer a great price to the end user. IPG makes the linear drives and chiller system too - and no middleman to drive up the cost of Fiber technology. Example : 2000 watt Laser Cube = $259,000   3000 watt Laser Cube = $279,000    4000 watt Laser Cube = $299,000.

Why 4 x 4 table ? Can put machine into small spaces, even unused spaces. Small sheets are easily loaded and unloaded by hand, no pallet changer needed. Optional Auto Load unload available for multiple sheet runs. On bigger format machines operator often laser shears the cut sheets into smaller sections to ease unloading. On the Laser Cube sheets are sheared up front, either at Steel Supplier for small fee - typically $3.00 a cut - or on the unused shear sitting in the corner of the shop. Smaller sheets mean parts don't sit on the table waiting for a full sheet to finish so speed of thru put is much faster than bigger format machines. Why make a 12 in x 12 in part on a 400 square foot machine when you can make the same part on a 72 square foot machine ? Small footprint allows machine to be placed next to your CNC Press - optional Vision Registration System makes Combo Punch Laser parts easy to do - without the expense of a Laser Punch Combo machine.  One operator can run both machines.

Where is the IPG Laser Cube Made ? The Laser Cube is made in America in New Hampshire. IPG has several manufacturing locations in the Boston area and  parts are supplied locally.

What is the warranty on the machine ? The laser machine itself is covered by a one year warranty. The resonator if under 1000 watts is a 2 year warranty, 1500 watts and greater is 3 year warranty with unlimited hours. These are the same resonators supplied to Mitsubishi, Bystronics, Mazak, Cincinatti, Whitney, Prima, and others. Even Amada buys IPG resonators. 

How long does it take to get one ? IPG Laser Cubes are built on a production basis, and customized with the resonator a customer chooses. Typical lead times are 8 - 12 weeks, depending on prior orders. If you need a quicker delivery IPG has been very successful accomodating this desire. 

Where can I see one ? A great place to see the IPG Laser Cube is at the IPG factory outside Boston, MA. Another site is the IPG facility in the Detroit, Michigan area. On the west coast you can see the machine at Serra Laser located in Anaheim, California. Machines can also be seen at  end users country wide.

Why Linear Motor Drives ? This type of drive has no mechanically wearable parts. Found on high end Laser machines Linear Drives are the most accurate drive available. The Laser Cube is designed to make small parts, fast, with high accuracy. And the accuracy will not change over time. IPG makes the linear motor drives so they are able to couple this with the IPG Resonator to make a Fiber Laser machine tool at a price point unreachable by others.

​Why would a OEM buy a IPG Laser Cube ?  If the shoe fits, why pay more ? OEMs who are making smaller parts are perfect for the Laser Cube. It makes sense to make to conserve capital and not spend more than is needed to lasercut parts. The IPG Laser Cube is the first small format machine designed to run small parts - and to supply this capability at a price point 1/2 or less than a big format machine.  Small footprint allows installation in unused areas or next to other machines. 

​Why would a Sheet Metal Fabricator buy a Laser Cube ? The obvious is to run small parts and free the big format laser already owned to make big parts. The other reason is combo parts. Combo parts are great, do what is done best on the CNC Punch and do what is best with the laser. The problem with punch laser combo machines is cost. They cost twice as much as a stand alone turret press, and when combined with Fiber lasers they must be fully shielded. This can interfere with the forming operation as it becomes hard to monitor because you cannot see the machine working because of the covers.  IPG developed a very cost effective solution for combo parts. The IPG Vision Registration System. Retrofittable this system means a punched and formed part can be transferred to the Laser Cube - often times sitting right next to the turret press - and the laser can do what it does best, cut in special shapes and cut the outside shape. The Vision Registration system makes this transfer easy, and very accurate. Laser Cutting happens at the same time the turret punch is punching so there is no wait time inbetween processes. And when a SMF is not doing a combo part the Laser Cube is used for making lasercut parts. 

Why would a Laser Job Shop buy a Laser Cube ? Many Laser Job Shops have a variety of existing lasers, many of them Co2 models. And the Co2 models make parts just fine, and are paid for in alot of cases. But you cannot do copper cutting on the Co2 and the machines being big format machines are not ideally suited for smaller parts, and jobs where full size sheets are not used. The IPG Laser Cube allows the Laser Job Shop to have Fiber technology at a price point less than $300,000 and do copper cutting, brass cutting, silver cutting, and also thin material cutting. The Laser Cube can be placed next to the big format machines and use the same operator. For high accuracy part requirements the Laser Cube is unmatched using Linear Motor drive system. 


​​​MADE IN AMERICA !       call or email for Price List 

.135 Stainless Steel

IPG Fiber Laser Cube


How does power effect part times ?

5 Second Part - 125. SS

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Design Philosophy of IPG Laser Cube

IPG Developed the Fiber Laser Cube Machine using the idea that many fiber laser parts are small, thin, and high accuracy.Wavelength of the fiber beam makes it ideal for small thin parts. It does not take a big machine to make these types of parts, and often time machine size is barrier to high accuracy as the metal frame of the big machine heats up and cools down. Small footprint allows flexible placement 8 ft x 9 ft

IPG designed the Laser Cube motion system around a granite block, which resists thermal distortion and provides for optimum accuracy. Linear motor drives, built by IPG, eliminate mechanical errors found in ballscrew and rack and pinion drive machines. .001 positioning accuracy with .0002 repeatability Table size means parts don't wait, as they do on big table machines.  Heart of any laser machine is the resonator.  Built by IPG for IPG Laser Cube . 

IPG makes the fiber resonators, drives, chillers and machine tool. Vertical integration means a new price level for Fiber Lasers has been realized. EXAMPLE - 4 KW CUBE = $288,000

Laser Cutting of Small Parts Made Easy